Intelizign brings the advantage to succeed by combining Knowledge, Experience and Processes in a unique offering that is built specific to every customer and delivered as per the customer needs through highly efficient Global Delivery Model.

At Intelizign, customer satisfaction and references has been the best marketing collateral that we have developed and believe in.

Most of our customer engagements are continuing since years and primary reason for it being mutually beneficial partnerships where we have always kept the customer’s business benefits to the fore of any activity.


We understand that PLM investments are huge and typically have a very long implementation cycle. Hence for us it is important as implementation partners to help our customers realize the benefits as early as possible. And there is no one dimension to this. We provide the ROI benefits across all the different layers which in turn helps customers realize the true advantage on their investments.


If it has to been consistent, it has to be driven by process! No denying this adage, that has helped organizations built products and reputation consistently over the years. At Intelizign it’s no different and our collective experience has been put together to develop efficient methodology & processes which stand as the backbone of any project or delivery model. Over the years, we have hone different aspects of project delivery covering Project Management, Quality Management, Risk Assessment, Project Collateral Management, Change and Issue Tracking mechanisms.

Global Delivery Model

In the age of ours, where geographical boundaries are limited to maps and the world being a global village, leveraging the best of every part of the world for the collective growth is the mantra that will take us ahead. At Intelizign, we try to leverage the cost advantage provided by our offshore delivery centers and at the same time be closer to our customers through our offices in Germany and US.



  • Configurable and Scalable Solutions that are designed understanding customer’s overall business and future requirements, than just creating point solutions.
  • Reduced Maintenance and Support Cost created through quality deliverables, leading to savings in the Operational cost and hence adding to the savings.
  • Credible and Relevant Experience put to use as we know for implementation it’s never only about technology or product, but also about the domain and business knowledge.
  • Cost Benefit extended through onshore - offshore model, helps customers reduce project costs without having to worry about data security or management overheads.
  • Competitive Pricing Benefit is provided through our huge knowledge base, reusable components and right estimates, all the above developed through experience.
  • Long Term Partnership leading to greater reliability and support. This is enabled by providing high quality solutions that builds the customer faith and helps draw working models with highly cost effective rates for longer engagement durations.

Methodology & Process

  • Very good understanding of Agile as well as Waterfall based Project Management processes and methodology.
  • Well established quality processes with review mechanisms and standards set for Architecture, Detailed Design, Development, Testing and Deployment.
  • Usage of industry standard tools such as Redmine / JIRA / SharePoint for Project Collateral Management and Issue Tracking.
  • Templates created from field experience and aligned to the industry standards helps collate information with maximum accuracy and less repetitions.

Global Delivery Model

  • A decade long experience with working in onshore - offshore model.
  • Processes fine-tuned to reduce delivery overheads.
  • Early heads-up on the risks and the possible mitigation measures.
  • Ready Templates helps introduce consistency and predictability.
  • Different models to fit the Data Security needs for different customers.
  • Very good knowledge of the travel and visa requirements for different countries, leading to better planning of travel impact on projects as well as early awareness of risks.
  • Best Infrastructure complying with the regulations and norms that meets the different customer needs.

Customer Speaks

We take immense pride in working with some of the leading names in industry on next generation products and solutions. Customer feedback has been our true marketing collateral and we can always bank on our relationship with our customers achieve greater goals together. Some of the testaments of our work has been decade long successful relationship with leadings industry names such as Siemens, Dassault Systèmes, Mahindra and Mahindra and Arcelik