Dispatcher Integration

Teamcenter Dispatcher, earlier known as Translation Management, is an integration of the Dispatcher Server and Teamcenter. The Dispatcher Server enables Teamcenter users to manage job distribution, assignment and execution asynchronously with following supported features:

  • Manages highly scalable job distribution, communication, execution, security, and error handling in Teamcenter.
  • Highly Configurable and customizable to meet client specific requirements.

Dispatcher is mostly used for following requirements:

  • Translating CAD files that are managed by Teamcenter from 3D or 2D file formats.
  • Translating office file formats in neutral file format (PDF etc.) for sharing data with other companies without distributing the original raw data.
  • Generating a lightweight data format known as visualization data which can be saved together with the source data.
  • To run a time consuming job/workflow task in an asynchronous manner.


  • Distributes the jobs asynchronously, which executed in a synchronous manner on client machine can introduce performance and administration issues.
  • An OOTB framework for translating files in to different formats.
  • Easy integration with Teamcenter Workflows for automatism.
  • The OOTB solution already comes with many frequently used CAD and MSOffice translators which reduce implementation efforts and cost of ownership.
  • Improves client response time by distributing time consuming jobs asynchronously.
  • Schedule high-CPU or high-memory jobs for off-hours processing for better system performance.

Intelizign Advantage

  • 14+ Projects designed and implemented using Teamcenter Dispatcher Configuration.
  • Vast Experience in Configuration and Customization of Teamcenter Dispatcher.
  • 40+ Custom translators developed and deployed on various customer projects.
  • Experience in configuring Teamcenter workflows in Asynchronous mode using Dispatcher.
  • Aligned with Industry best practices in implementing these solutions.
  • Cost effective with right-shore approach.
  • Implementations aligned to the Product Roadmapthrough Intelizign’s Collaborative Product Development partnership with SIEMENS.
  • Ready customer references.

Case Studies

Dispatcher case study