Simulation Data Management

Simulation Data Management (SDM) act as a Simulation Tool for Managing CAD and CAE Data/Process such as Data Verification Plan (DVP) Management, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Thickness and Material Assignment, Solver Configuration, Results and Reports Generation. SDM is used as a common Platform to launch different CAE Analysis softwares.

There are 3 main phases in Simulation Data Management (SDM)

  • Pre Processing: CAD Geometry Meshing and Applying Boundary condition (Deck Preparation).
  • Solver: Solving the Deck based on the input and provides the result File.
  • Post Processing: Analyze both Deck and Result file to Prepare the Result Report.


Delivers functionality that’s built on the above 3 pillars of integration and addresses the following key functional requirements.

  • In the Pre Processing phase, download the CAD data and develop the Finite Element data through Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Boundary conditions are applied to the FEA to get the Deck Files.
  • Solver is used to solve the input Deck file based on the conditions given by the analyst and provides the Result Files. Solver varies based on the Deck Preparation such as Nastran, Abaqus, Madymo etc.
  • Post Processing includes analysis of Deck and Result files in the Post Processing Software such as Hyperview, ADAMS etc. SDM Automates this Analysis Process and takes the snapshot of the Result Images based on the Boundary condition and Material Assignment and further moves to the Report Automation Process.
  • Report Automation plays a vital role in the SDM. The Result Report is designed by extracting all required information from Teamcenter and the Result Images from the Post Processing.


  • SDM acts as a single platform to manage all CAE related data in a controlled environment for all domains.
  • The customized advanced facilities in SDM enable the project user (CAD, CAE etc.) to see the live status of the Project in a Dashboard.
  • Reduced Cost, Effort and Implementation Time as the solution is highly configurable.
  • Batch Meshing Process for Sheet Metal and Solid Components.
  • Deck and Report Automation.
  • Model Template for Crash and Occupant Safety.

Intelizign Advantage

A group of Functional and Technical experts in the domain of CAE & Simulation Data Management work with the customer SMEs to identify the key data points and processes that best suit your organizations Simulation Data Management requirements. Some of the key highlights of Intelizign’s expertise in Simulation Data Management domain are as enlisted below.

  • Over 5+ project implementations using Simulation Data Management solutions.
  • End to End implementations for data management & automation of all the Simulation Data Management needs for major OEMs.
  • Proven Expertise with all the major CAE suites of products.
  • Developed best practices in implementing these solutions that can be readily used as Industry standards.
  • Ready customer references.

Case Studies

Simulation data management case study