DispatcherValue Components for Configuration and Monitoring

Dispatcher solution comes with an intuitive UI to simplify the process of installation, configuration and maintenance by removing the tedious error prone method of doing XML file changes manually for every small change in Dispatcher configuration.
The solution also brings in the ability to configure multi-stage translators as per different customer needs and then monitor the stage wise progress through an intuitive dashboard.

Why the Dispatcher Solution

We know that Dispatcher Installation and Configuration can get tricky, some of the common challenges are,

  • Numerous settings across the Dispatcher Client, Scheduler and Module.
  • Add to this the challenges related to concurrency when integrated with Workflows.
  • Challenges related to dependency when translation is a multi-stage process.

Most of the times implementation teams end up writing a lot of customization for things that can be achieved through simple XML changes to OOTB Dispatcher. This leads to inconsistent behavior and also draws the maintenance overhead with every patch or upgrade.

Our Dispatcher solution is designed to exactly take care of all the above challenges and minimize the time spent on redundant activities, reduce customization and leverage OOTB, all this through an Intuitive User Interface and not command line.