IZ-Excel Connector Excel Data Extraction Plugin for EXALEAD

IZ-Excel Connector (IZEC) is a simple custom plug-in used for crawling and indexing data directly from Excel sheets into EXALEAD. This solution is designed to shorten time consumed in development cycles, where Excel sheets are used as data input for generating reports and dashboards using EXALEAD CloudView.

IZEC plug-in can crawl and index data based on pre-defined configurable parameters from MS Excel as follows:

  • Header Row number: Specify the row which contains Column Headers. It may not be first row always!
  • Skip Row number: Specify the row numbers which should be skipped.
  • Index Columns: Data need not be indexed for all the columns in Excel. So, specify columns to be indexed.
  • Numerical Columns: To handle the situations where numbers are stored as text in Excel.