InteliMobileENOVIA on Android & iOS

InteliMobile is a highly customized mobile solution with a very intuitive & dynamic user interface for Dassault Systèmes ENOVIA PLM application which provides anytime anywhere access to information leading to increased efficiency & productivity.
InteliMobile application can be deployed and accessed either as a URL in mobile browser or as a native app on Android and iOS mobiles/tablets. It provides a sub-set of ENOVIA PLM functionalities with secure and real time access to production data with an additional capability to download and view PDF / Word / Excel attachments.

Feature Set

  • Dynamic UI Rendering.
  • Expandable Table View.
  • Collapsible UI.
  • Hyperlinks.
  • Object List Filtering.
  • Object Search.
  • Icon Mail.
  • Associated Object Details.
  • PDF/Word/Excel File Download.
  • Task Approvals.
  • Graphical Reports and Dashboards.