EZConnectENOVIA Common Connector for Data Exchange

EZConnect is a highly configurable, scalable and easy-to-use UI-based plug-in for integrating any external systems like ERP/CAD/legacy systems with Dassault Systèmes ENOVIA PLM.
This application can be used for bi-directional data synchronization from/to ENOVIA PLM in Excel/XML formats.

Feature Set

  • Export from ENOVIA into Excel/XML.
  • Import to ENOVIA from Excel/XML.
  • Map Excel Columns and XML tags to ENOVIA schema and attributes.
  • Save/Update Queries.
  • Store/Execute Saved Queries on-the-fly or on weekly/monthly/ quarterly basis.
  • Data creation for parent and child objects at one go.
  • Provision for data validation before data creation.
  • Capability of importing data real-time or as scheduled jobs.